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Thursday, June 1 through Friday, June 30 ↓

Sign up for all June classes begins Friday, May 12 at 10am. 



MONDAY, JUNE 5, DEEP, 7:45-8:30PM

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Aqua Fitness and Water Running

Strength, resistance, and cardio workouts without the pounding on pavement, a treadmill, or gym floor. Foam “weights” and noodles are provided for resistance work to build arm, back, shoulder, and abdominal strength. Buoyancy belts are used in our deep water classes. Classes can be high intensity (HIIT) to raise your heartrate or low intensity. It’s easy to adjust intensity in water to fit your fitness needs.  Our Water Running classes are a great compliment to your training program if you’re training for a race or the Chicago Marathon.
All Aqua Fitness classes are an amenity of our ARC Annual memberships; therefore, reservations are required for all classes to insure this is a member only program.
These classes are very popular and each class has a specific capacity that coincides with pool size to allow ample room for movement.
An Annual ARC SplashPass or PlusPass is required. Aqua Fitness classes are not included in a Summer only SplashPass.

Deep Aqua Fit

A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the diving well (12 feet deep). Required Hydro-Fit flotation equipment is provided.

Shallow Aqua Fit

A cardiovascular and strength training workout in the lap pool. Water should be at least waist high but below the chest. Aquatic shoes are recommended but not provided.

Warm Aqua Fit

A shallow water class with slower movements and low impact.  This class is in our Wellness Pool. 

Deep Water Running 

Are you a runner who wants to improve but can't add any more miles without getting injured? Are you a group exercise participant who wants to try running but doesn't want to run on a treadmill, track or the road? Have you been recovering from an injury and are looking for a safe way to return to running? Whether you are a runner or you have never run a step in your life Deep Water Running is a fantastic way to get an awesome cardio workout while strengthening the core and working against the resistance of the water. The class is taught in an interval format with motivating and fun music to help you smash your goals. The class is taught in the diving well, participants must be comfortable in deep water and will be wearing a flotation belt. 

Angela Neill
Aquatic Supervisor for Swimming Lessons, Diving, Frontier Pool, Camelot Pool, Aqua Fitness, and Swim School + Sport Camp

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