ARC Personal Training

Personal Fitness Training 

Start your personal fitness journey at ARC


Work with our nationally certified personal trainers to design a workout program to meet your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals

  • Consultation with a trainer will be needed before booking your sessions
  • After your consultation and schedule set-up you will be given information on how to register for session payment
  • Each training session is 50 minutes long
  • Session pricing 
    • ​1 for $50
    • 3 for $140
    • 6 for $260
    • 12 for $510
    • 18 for $756

Set-up free consultation

Must have an active ARC Membership

Available for members ages 14+
Face mask must be worn during workout
Equipment spaced out to ensure social distancing
Cleaning procedures for staff after each session
For more information, please email ARC Facility Manager, Matt Healy at


Meet our ARC Personal Trainers



Andrea Genovesi

Biography: I currently reside in Mount Prospect and just purchased a condominium there this past year. My family is always my top priority in life, following closely behind is my fitness career as well as my own personal fitness. 

Background/Experience: I have been a Personal Trainer for over 8 years and have experience working with kindergarten to high school aged students, people with different disabilities (MS, Parkinson, paralyzed, etc.) as well as working with senior citizens on a daily basis.    

Certifications: NASM (Personal Training & Basic Nutrition) – ASFA (Senior Citizens) – ASEP (Coaching Sports)   

Focus: I always give the person I am working with my full attention to all their goals and needs. Fitness is for everybody no matter where you are at in life. Everyone can do it and many ways that meets their standards. Every goal you want to reach we will do it together and achieve it all. There will be times it is hard, and you want to give up, but I won’t let that happen. I will be by your side all the way.  

Philosophy: “Don't train for any special events, train for life. Life is your biggest challenge, train to beat it” 


Ken Winans

Biography: I am a former college football player who has been physically active since high school. I keep active by playing competitive basketball, golfing in season and strength and condition training 4 days a week.

Background/Experience: Through education, observation and daily practice I have created workouts that I consider foolproof. I really enjoy the initial consultation so I can get a feel for what is necessary for individual success. What I teach is simple to execute but it is not easy.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Focus: I want to train those who are serious about getting fit. I encourage those I train to pick a sport or activity. Strength and cardiovascular training is something we all HAVE to do; a sport or activity is something we WANT to do. My strength and cardio training sessions are built as 30-minute work outs and I also include 20 minutes of mobility/flexibility.



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