CAP Registration

For questions regarding registration, please contact our CAP Supervisors Katie Waszak and Emma O'Meara.

CAP Registration Questions

Please email or call 847-506-7871.

23/24 CAP registration- Please email Katie Waszak

After January 26 at 5:00pm, we will only accept registrations as space is available at each CAP site. There is no guarantee we can enroll your child after that date. 


                2024-2025 CAP Registration Timeline

January 29

Registration forms will be emailed and available to currently enrolled CAP families the week of January 29.


February 5, 10am –     March 1, 4:30pm

Priority registration for currently enrolled CAP children and their incoming siblings for the 24/25 school year by February 5, 2024.

Registration forms processed as received.

Please note: if you turn in your priority registration form during this time frame, you will receive a CAP spot for the 24/25 school year. 

April 1 10:00am-       April 19, 4:30pm

Any family on the CAP waitlist as of February 1, 2024.

We will accept registrations from April 1- April 19.

Registration forms will be processed April 22- April 26 based on your current waitlist spot and current waitlist location. You will receive confirmation of enrollment or updated waitlist status on or before April 30.  


May 1 10am – Aug 2, 4:30pm

General Registration for new families & returning or waitlist families who missed their timeframe.

Registration forms submitted between the dates of May 1- June 14 will be included in our first lottery draw on June 17. You will receive confirmation of your enrollment or waitlist status on or before July 5.

Any registration forms that come in after June 14, will be in the next lottery draw on July 8. After that, all registrations are a first come first serve basis. If there is a waitlist at that time, you would be placed on that waitlist.

August 5-Sept 2

Registration is closed.  No registrations accepted.

September 3

Registration re-opens for any remaining openings with a start date of September 9 or later.  If there is a waitlist at that time, you would be placed


2024-2025 CAP Enrollment Options and Fees

                                               District 21/25/59



Daily Rate

Average Yearly Total

Full-Time AM



Full-Time PM




Part-Time AM



Part-Time PM




Please email completed forms to or drop it off at the Park District Administration Center Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm.  Registrations can be mailed, or put in the night drop box (available 24 hours a day) located at 410 N Arlington Heights Rd.

Please make sure you have an AHPD online profile, and credit card saved to your account for payments.

 Full-Time - 5 days – Part-Time - 3 days (must choose 3 days) for all CAP sites.

A discount is available for two or more children enrolled in the CAP program. The additional child(ren)’s fee is reduced by approximately 10%. A 5% discount is available when the program fee is paid in full at the time of enrollment (when enrollment begins prior to December).


Two payment options:

1.    Pay in Full: Pay the $65 registration fee plus the total CAP fee and receive a 5% discount (deducted from the CAP fee). A credit/debit card must be saved to the payer’s online registration profile. *

2.    Payment Plan: $65 registration fee due at time of registration. Nine automatic monthly payments will be deducted August 1, 2024 through April 1, 2025. A credit or debit card must be saved to the payer’s online registration profile.

*Any registrations received after 11:59pm or over the weekend are processed with all registrations received on the next business day. This ensures fairness. If an opening is available, the child is placed in the program. Once a child is registered, parent/guardians can view confirmation from the online profile. If an opening is not available in the plan that has been requested, the CAP Supervisor will contact the parent/guardian and offer an alternative plan if one is available. If no alternative is available, the child is placed on a waiting list.


**Once the school year begins, registration requires approval. After receipt of the completed forms, the parent/guardian is contacted by phone. The child can start in the program 5-10 business days after notification of acceptance into the program. The initial amount due at registration will be adjusted and may be different than the amount listed on the registration form depending on the program start date.

If you child does end up on a waitlist, please note the following:

When a spot becomes available for your child to enroll in the CAP program from the waitlist you have two options:

1) Accept the spot and enroll in the CAP program. 

2) Choose not to accept the spot in CAP. If you decline the spot, your child will be removed from the waitlist and you will need to restart the registration process should you need care in the future. 


Important Payment Information

For your security, credit or debit card numbers are not written on the registration form. Each family must save a bank card number to the parent/guardian’s online registration profile. To save a bank card online:


  • Login into AHPD registration:
  • Click My Account
  • Click List Saved Credit Cards
  • Click Add New to enter a bank card number
  • The last 4 digits of this saved card will be submitted on the registration form

 If you have any questions, feel free to email Katie Waszak at or call 847-506-7871




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