AHPD Dance

Cultural Arts Supervisor, Kyle Donahue
Cultural Arts Coordinator, Amy Braheny

About The Program

Our dance classes offer a diverse and skill-building curriculum of professional, educational and fun classes for all ages.  Our dance instructors are trained professionals looking to give each participant a great class experience and foster their love of dance while developing poise and self-confidence.  Our mission is to advocate artistic excellence through creativity and self-expression.

Online Dance Store

Items can be ordered by clicking the links below and we will deliver them to your dance class.  Items are for current dancers only.

Summer Dance Session


Dance Summer Registration:

  • May 4 Residents / May 11 Non-Residents
  • Online registration
  • Limited In-Person registration: Please visit ARC during business hours 847.577.3025

Important Dates:

  • June 14-Aug.7 - Summer dance session runs 8 weeks

In-Person or Zoom?

  • We plan to hold in-person dance classes.
  • All dance classes can be taken on Zoom.  All dancers will receive a link before classes begin and can use it at any time.
  • If classes are not able to be held in-person, dance classes will move to be held virtually during the session.


Current Safety Precautions

  • Face coverings will continue to be worn in most of our dance classes.
  • Unvaccinated individuals must wear a face covering, including ages 12 and under.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals can opt to not wear a face covering (ages 13 and over), although we recommend continuing to wear face coverings during classes.
  • Fully vaccinated staff have the choice to not wear a face covering, unless the class has children ages 12 and under.
  • Lobbies are available for parent seating and viewing.
  • Cubbies are available for dancers.

Fall Dance Session

Used Dance Shoe Swap

Wednesday, Aug. 18 from 5:30-6:30pm

We invite parents to 'trade in' gently used dance shoes.  All dance shoes will be donated and give out free of charge on a first come-first served basis.  Only one pair of each type of shoe is allowed per child.  Instructors will be present to meet new dancers.

Planning to donate shoes?

Please only donate shoes that are in good condition and can be worn by another child.  Must have matching pair.  Drop off Aug. 13-16.

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