AHPD Dance

Cultural Arts Supervisor, Kyle Donahue
Cultural Arts Coordinator, Amy Braheny

About The Program

The Arlington Heights Park District dance programs offer a diverse and skill-building curriculum of professional, educational and fun classes for all ages.  Our dance instructors are trained professionals looking to give each participant a great class experience and foster their love of dance while developing poise and self-confidence.  Our mission is to advocate artistic excellence through creativity and self-expression.

Priority Pre-Registration Information

Dancers currently enrolled in Fall 2019 dance classes have priority registration from Oct. 22 – Nov. 5.  Students are only allowed to register for the same class (level/day/time/location).  Spots will be held until Nov. 5 for the current students.

» Codes to pre-register for Winter 2020 Dance

After Nov. 5, all remaining spots will be open to the public and those currently enrolled are not guaranteed a spot for the Winter/Spring 2020 season in the same class.

Oct. 22 to Nov. 5: Current dance students can register for the same class.

Nov. 6:  Current dance students can transfer into a different dance class, if spots are available.

Dec. 3:  Resident Registration opens at 10am

Dec. 10: Non-Resident Registration opens at 10am

Jan. 9:  Online Registration closes for recital classes.

Jan. 13: In-Person Registration at Pioneer closes for recital classes.

How to Register

  1. Online at After you log in to your account, use the code(s) HERE.
  2. At community centers during guest services' desk hours. 

How to Transfer (if needed)

After you register during priority registration, you have the option to transfer to a different day/time/location. Students are only allowed to transfer to a different day, time, or location if the class title and level is the same, if available. To transfer on Nov. 6, please e-mail Kyle Donahue or call 847-506-7872 with transfer request. Please email or leave a message for Kyle with the Winter code you're transferring out of and the new Winter code you'd like to transfer into. All codes are found HERE

please note: you cannot transfer from a Fall code to a Winter code on Nov.6. In other words - you need to participate in priority registration for the same exact Winter session day and/or time you were in for the Fall session, even if you don't want that day and/or time. Then on Nov. 6 you can request a transfer for what you do want. 

Fall Dance Session
  • Fall dance session runs Aug. 24-Dec. 14
  • Fall Dance Registration Closes Oct. 9
  • No class Aug. 31, Sept. 2, Oct. 31 after 3pm, Nov. 27-30
  • Makeup classes will be scheduled Dec. 16-20
  • Class placement letters were mailed to previous students this summer.
  • Those who did not receive letters or are new, please contact Kyle Donahue, Cultural Arts Supervisor
  • Dancers who enroll in the fall session receive priority for the 17 week winter/spring recital session.
  • ​Instructors will begin measuring for costumes in November.  Parents or guardians must sign off in class and approve the dancer’s costume size.  With no parent/guardian approval, we will order sizes based on your child’s measurements.  There are no refunds or exchanges of costume sizes. 


Winter Dance Session

  • Winter dance session runs Jan. 3-May 7.
  • No class March 23-28, but makeup classes will be scheduled during this time.
  • Dancers who enrolled in the Fall session received priority registration before Nov. 5 for the Winter Dance Session, so space may be limited in the dance classes.
  • Online recital dance class registration will close Jan. 9 and in-person registration at Pioneer (with dancer present) will close Jan. 13.  No additional dancers can be accepted for the session, due to costume ordering.
  • Costume fees are included in the registration fee and are non-refundable after Jan. 12. Any size adjustments/exchanges that can be accommodated after Jan. 12 will require a $25 additional shipping cost.
  • Class fee includes a discount value equal to 2 recital tickets.  This discount is to replace the need for ticket promotion coupon codes used in past recital seasons.
    Recital dates are May 8 & 9.
  • More recital information is available here

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