Pool Hours

There is a new pool schedule format that is directly tied to our facility scheduling software.  You can see everything that is scheduled in the pools.  

Click here for the Pool Schedule.

Our staff are required to test their vigilance when lifeguarding. Patrons may be present when one of these drills occurs. Do not be alarmed. It is a simulation using a staff member or manikin that requires assistance. Staff will respond and swimming will resume as normal. 

ARC Pool Lap Swim, Open Swim, and Programming Calendar Viewing Tips

To help navigate through the schedule of calendars please use these filters and legends.  

To filter by day, change setting in the far-right corner of your screen 

To view drop-in times, select "Events only" setting on left side of your screen 
To view water exercise and other programs only, select "Activities only" setting 
  • Yellow - Pop-up private lessons 
  •  PinkGroup swim lessons 
  • Purple -Water exercise
  • Light red - Diving 

To filter by pool or event type, use the "Facilities" button on the left side of your screen 

  • Dark blue -Lap swim
  • Light blue -Open swim
  • Green -Swim team  
  • Red - Pool Closures

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