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Summer 2022 Swimming + Diving Lessons

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You asked - back by popular demand..... POP-UP PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS

►An à la carte experience

►No session dates to worry about

►One, 30 minute swim lesson with private one-on-one attention

►Sign up for one -  or sign up for 10! It's up to you. No fussing with a two week session when you have other plans or vacation

►Tell your instructor what you want to work on and we'll make it happen

►When you login to your household account, search "pop-up". 

►Keep checking back if you don't find a time that works for you. We're slowly adding more pop-up private swim lessons throughout July and August as we review our instructors' availability. 

To goggle or not? We recommend NO GOGGLES in our Junior Swim School program. Why?

  • Becoming dependent on goggles will not help your child adapt and feel comfortable in water as they grow older.
  • Opening eyes underwater is a skill in Junior Swim School.
  • Goggles are also not allowed on our diving boards or slides. We want your child's first experience going off the diving board to be positive and feel familiar underwater. Often times the child who panics after going of the diving board for the first time has never felt the sensation of being underwater with no goggles. 



Our aquatics team believes swimming is lifelong. And a life skill. Water safety should be a priority for every family. We offer swimming lessons for all ages (well, at least for those six months old and older). Any of the classes on the following pages are for you if you vacation around water, want your kids to feel safe around water, your kids want to swim in high school, or you or you kids are training for an triathlon (be sure to check out our kids’ triathlon, late summer 2022).

Cold weather and rain:

Yes - we do run our swim lesson program at our outdoor locations in cool temps and rain. There is no minimum temperature.

What should I sign up for:

Water Babies. 6-24 months with one parent in water with baby. 30 min. Start exposing your baby to a body of water bigger than the kitchen sink now! This will help them better adjust to swimming lessons in a few years. We use songs and games to relax your baby and hopefully squeeze out a smile. We introduce holding positions so you are comfortable holding your baby in water.

Water Toddlers. 2-4 yrs with one parent in water with child. 30 min. We add on to our Water Babies class format by introducing skills that will take place in our Junior Swim School classes.

Junior Swim School. 3-6 yrs. 3:1 ratio. No parent in water. 30 min. For most – it’s the first time a child enters a pool without a parent so we begin by making your child feel comfortable. This may look like simply focusing on getting the face and hair wet at first, which can be scary for some. Then progressing through supported floats, bobs, kick board use, and eventually swimming 3 yards with no assistance. To ensure a safe learning environment for all participants please only enroll your child in this program if they are able to sit on a bench in the water by themselves when not working directly with an instructor. We may ask a child to exit the pool and sit with a parent for the following reasons: 1. your child struggles to stay above water and on the wall and/or swims off on their own when the instructor is working with another child. 2. Your child is not listening and time is being taken away from the other children in the class. At ARC - this class will take place in the Family Activity Pool (the pool with the yellow slide). 

Swim School. 5-12 yrs. 6:1 ratio. 30 min. A group environment to motivate your child. Children are evaluated on the first day and grouped with kids of a similar skill set. Our first level begins with correct face and body position, floats, and opening eyes underwater without goggles. Your child will then progress through levels where all the swim strokes are introduced and eventually working towards treading in deep water, dives, and flip turns.

Private Swim Lessons. 5 years and older. 1:1 ratio. 30 min.  Great idea for a child looking to prefect that flip turn, or a stroke they struggle with. Great supplement for Swim Team. Also perfect for adults looking for tips to enhance their endurance, or tweak a stroke for that triathlon. Individualized instruction designed to fit you or your swimmer’s needs. You tell us your goals on the first day.

Semi-Private Swim School. 5-12 years. 2:1 Ratio. 30 min. Same description as Private Swim Lessons. Only difference is the ratio. Instructor will take turns between the two participants’ needs. If you want your child to be paired with a friend or sibling please email Angela at least one week prior to start date. We begin securing staff and grouping kids one week in advance. If you are looking for Semi-Private lessons for your child under 5 years old, please consider our Junior Swim School program as the ratio is 3:1 in Junior Swim School. 

Who is teaching my child? Almost all of our instructors are currently local high school or college students. Their energy is through the roof and they love their jobs and working with kids. Many are high school and college swimmers and quite a few are interested in a career specializing in early childhood and/or teaching. We aim for our swimming lesson program to be a highlight of your child’s summer. And that is only possible because of our young staff. For many, this is their first job and they are eager to succeed.

Goggles. Not recommended in Junior Swim School or for the first time taking Swim School. One of the basic skills being taught is opening eyes underwater. Adjusting to swimming and feeling comfortable without goggles is very important before the use of goggles in higher levels begins.

Swim caps. We know, we know... swim caps are not pretty. But we're not here to put on a fashion show, we're here to learn proper swim strokes. If your child has long hair please have them wear a swim cap.  Even if your child has short hair a swim cap can be very beneficial. Bangs can cover the eyes which throws off proper head alignment. Long hair in a pony tail can get caught under the armpit when swimming front craw and back stroke. This can alter the entire body position which can affect the outcome of a child's stroke for years to come. We can give you one on the first day if you don't have one.

REFUND POLICY. We begin scheduling instructors for work a week in advance to insure we have enough instructors to meet the child/instructor ratios listed in the descriptions and to provide staff with their work schedule a week in advance. Most of our instructors are in high-school and/or college and adjust their school and sport schedules to be present for lessons. To receive a full refund (less the $5 processing fee) all refunds need to be requested HERE at least one week before the first class. With a few exceptions (such as illness with a doctor's note) refunds will not be provided once the first class of the session begins.

MAKE-UP POLICY. There are no make-ups for missed classes. Sessions run back to back. There is not a week off or break in-between sessions to accommodate make-ups. Make-ups cannot be done on a different day, location, or time than what you signed up for as each class has a maximum capacity aligned with the number of instructors pre-scheduled.  Refunds are not provided for the value of one lesson if you miss or don't show up for a day in a session. 

TRANSFERRING TO A DIFFERENT CLASS. If your schedule changes after you register and you'd like to transfer from one class code to another - please call Angela 847-577-3029. If there are openings in another day/time/location for the same class format, a transfer can be processed. This would need to be done before the first day of a session. 

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Level 1 
The beginner diving class is an introduction to the sport of springboard diving and is designated to teach the safe and proper way to use the springboard. Any individual 8-18 years old who has an interest in diving, can swim comfortably in deep water, and dive in head first off the side of the pool deck into deep water can take this class. Students will be taught a forward approach and a back press. They will progress to forward and backward dives as well as other skills based on ability.

Level 2
The intermediate and advanced diving classes are for those divers who already know how to do a proper diving hurdle and back press. The divers will be taught new skills and tricks based on their current skill and ability. *Prerequisite - Must have previously participated in a level 2 lesson or have gymnastics experience. Must also be able to perform a back fall in entry without a spot.

Level 3 Team
Diving club will be offered to those students who have shown the skills necessary to move beyond the intermediate diving lessons, or who have already been on a high school diving team. These divers are looking to learn new tricks to improve their diving list and are willing to compete.

In the event that diving or swim lessons cannot run in the water due to mechanical issues or a fecal incident: The Park District swim classes are designed to include out of water instruction and safety procedures which are called a "Rain Day." Each session is allotted 1 Rain Day. Participants should still come prepared to get in the water should the issue become resolved during class. 

In the rare case of more than one "Rain Day" per session, the lesson may be canceled.  Refunds will be handled by our Guest Services Coordinator and participants need not fill any additional forms or information. A refund will be placed on your household account for future use. Please note that all refunds will not be processed until the end of your class’s session. 


Angela Neill
Aquatic Supervisor | Swimming and Diving Lessons, Water Exercise



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