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Swim Lessons - Summer 2021


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There are several two week sessions for the summer.  Most classes meet twice a week, either a Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Updated June 24 - We have added 32 different Junior Swim Lessons and Swim Lesson at Camelot, Frontier, and Pioneer.  All three have mornings classes from 9:15 to 9:45 am and 10 to 10:30 am.  Camelot also added evening classes from 6:15 to 6:45 pm and 7 to 7:30 pm.  All of these classes are available for viewing, resident registration open 6/28 10 am, 7/1 10 am for non-residents.

Lessons offered:

  • Junior Swim Lessons (3-5 yrs): 1 instructor to 3 swimmers

This abbreviated program follows the first 3 levels of Junior Swim School (Snails, Turtles & Jellyfish). Progressive skill learning will challenge your child from level to level, advancing up to being able to swim front crawl and backstroke for 15 yards.

  • Swim Lessons: (5-12 yrs): 1 instructor to 5 swimmers

‚ÄčThis program follows the Swim School levels starting with Dunkers running up through Lifesaving Leaders.

  • Water Babies (6mos-2yrs): 1 instructor to 7 adult/child pairs

 Relax, introduce, and enjoy the water with your child through the use of songs, games and activities. This class takes place in the warm water wellness/instructional pool.

  • Water Toddlers (2-4yrs): 1 instructor to 7 adult/child pairs

Learn basic swimming skills to enhance the time you spend together in the pool. This class takes place in the wellness pool.

  • Private Swim Lessons (3+): 1 instructor to 1 participant

Undivided individual attention and instruction to meet your swimmer's needs in our wellness pool. Class follow the JSS & SS levels through Guppies. This class will take place in the wellness pool ONLY. 

  • Semi-Private Swim Lessons (3+): 1 instructor to 2 participant

Semi-individual attention and instruction to meet your swimmer's needs. Two swimmers per instructor. Siblings will be grouped together when possible. Class follow the JSS & SS levels through Guppies.  This class will take place in the wellness pool ONLY. 

COVID-19 Safety Procedures: 

  • Instructors: instructors will be in the water providing hands on instruction with a face covering & face shield.
  • Face Coverings: Unvaccinated individuals should wear a face covering.  Participants DO NOT wear face coverings in the water

First Day of Lessons:   It is important for parents to attend the first day of the session for swim lessons to find out how the lessons will operate this fall and who to speak with if you have questions.  On the first day of class, participants find out who their instructor is, who the Lesson Coordinators are, and general operation of the lesson program for that particular pool. We will evaluate all students to be placed in the appropriate level.

Advancing Levels:  Participants can advance levels in Junior Swim Lessons and Swim Lessons. Participants are evaluated by a lesson coordinator periodically throughout the session.  There is no magic number of how many times a child will be tested. The lesson coordinator discusses the daily lesson activity with the swim instructors prior to class and reviews the class sheets to plan their evaluations for the day.  Every day is different and there is not a set pattern in how evaluations are done. Our goal is for the participant to learn and have fun.

Questions or Comments:  During every swim lesson there is one Lesson Coordinator responsible the supervision of the day's activities.  In addition, there may be one or two Aquatic Leaders on duty to assist the administration of the swim lesson program.  Please direct any positive or critical comments to these key staff.  We hope your experience is always positive, but if not, please do not hesitate to talk with these staff about your concern.  It is much easier to address an issue and fix it on the spot, compared to the end of the session.

In the event that a swim lessons cannot run in the water due to mechanical issues or a fecal incident: The Park District swim classes are designed to include out of water instruction and safety procedures which are called a "Rain Day." Each session is allotted 1 Rain Day. Participants should still come prepared to get in the water should the issue become resolved during class. 

In the rare case of more than one "Rain Day" per session, the lesson may be canceled.  Refunds will be handled by the Guest Services Coordinator and participants need not fill any additional forms or information. A refund will be placed on your household account for future use. Please note that all refunds will not be processed until the end of your class’s session. 

  • Missed a class? Unfortunately, due to the logistics and size of our program, we are not able to allow makeups if you miss a class. Please plan ahead and be sure you know your class schedule, any other activities in your schedule, and be sure you are able to attend the classes before registering for the program. Refunds for missed classes will only be given for those that provide a doctor's note specifying that the child is not able to attend swim lessons due to an illness.
  • What skills is my child working on? Please see the Level Guides above for a description of the skills learned at each individual level.
  • Can my child wear goggles? Swimmers do have the option of wearing goggles in the program.  However, it is not recommended (especially in the lower levels), because we would like our little swimmers to adjust to the water without the aid of goggles.

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