Youth Basketball


Registration Deadline for Winter 2020 -- Thursday, Dec 26th @ 9:00am

In the Fall and Winter seasons, we offer recreational leagues for boys and girls in 1st through 6th grade. The leagues are structured to teach young players fundamental technical and age-appropriate tactical skills and enable players to practice sporting behavior while having fun. Teams are kept small to maximize playing time. Players registering after the registration deadline will be placed on a wait list. Placement on the wait list does not guarantee placement on a team. Players on the wait list will be added to teams in need of additional players.

We begin forming teams and scheduling practices and games after registration closes.Coaches will contact players and families with team information, including practice and game schedules, after the coach meeting on January 8th. Practices begin the week of January 13th. Games begin the weekend of January 18th. Players who register after the deadline will be placed on teams with open roster spots. Unfortunately, we cannot honor friend requests for late registrants. If you would like to register after the deadline, please contact the following center supervisors to see if there are open roster spots:

Click on the code to register - fee is $88

League Camelot Frontier Recreation Pio/Heritage
Boys 1st grade 24798 24805 24821 24814
Boys 2nd grade 24800 24807 24823 24816
Girls 1st grade 24799 24806 24822 24815
Girls 2nd grade 24801 24808 24824 24817
Boys 3rd grade 24802 24809 24825 24818
Boys 4th grade 24803 24810 24826 24819
Boys 5th/6th grade 24804 24811 24827 24820


Volunteering to coach

We rely on volunteers to coach our teams! If you are interested in coaching, please respond "Yes" to coaching when you register your child and include your preferred contact information.

Already coaching this season? Check out the Youth Basketball Coaches' Corner!


Uniforms and Equipment

At the start of each season, players receive a new numbered, reversible jersey. In first and second grade, all players use a 27.5” basketball. In third through sixth grade, girls use a 28.5" basketball. In third and fourth grade, boys use a 28.5” basketball. In fifth and sixth grade, boys use a 29.5” basketball.


Team formation and friend requests

Boys and girls play in separate divisions split by grade. If there are not enough players at a particular grade to form a division, we may combine grades. 

Players are placed on teams created around their local community centers and the schools they attend. Players who register by the deadline may ask to be placed on a team with one friend. However, the friend request must be mutual: both players must request each other. We cannot honor requests in cases where players request more than one friend or link friends in a circular request: friend A requests friend B, friend B requests friend C, friend C requests friend A.

Please coordinate your friend request before registering to ensure that it is mutual.

First and second grade teams in winter season: First and second grade fall teams with returning coaches and a majority of returning players typically stay together in the winter season (same school year). We add new players to these teams only IF there are open roster spots.

If your child DID NOT play on a fall team and is requesting a friend that DID play on a fall team, we may not be able to honor your friend request. If there are more players requesting to be placed on a returning team than we have open roster spots available, new winter players will be placed on different teams.

We are unable to keep teams together between school years. Coaches may not request players, and players may not request coaches.

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