Youth Volleyball Clinics

FESL Youth Volleyball Clinics 

In FESL Volleyball clinics, players learn the fundamental skills of serving (overhand/underhand/jump), setting, hitting, and passing. The clinics have a low instructor to student ratio, and staff focuses closely on individual player development.

All clinics are taught at Betsy Ross School on Sundays.

Winter 2019 Clinics

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Clinic Date(s) Time 4-6th Grade 7-8th Grade High school
Junior High Training          
Serve & Game Strategy Jan 27 6-7:30pm 20232 20235 XXXXX
Serve & Receive Feb 10 6-7:30pm 20233 20236 XXXXX
Hitting & Defense Feb 17 6-7:30pm 20224 20226 XXXXX
Passing & Setting Feb 24 6-7:30pm 20227 20230 XXXXX
Serve & Game Strategy Mar 3 6-7:30pm 20231 20234 XXXXX
High School Training          
High School Training Jan 6 - Jan 27   XXXXX XXXXX 20721
High School Training Feb 10 - Mar 3   XXXXX XXXXX 20722


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