Lasting Legacies


Rob Lindgren, born June 1, 1965, was a competitive swimmer who coached youth and high school swimming and water polo teams. His first job in School District 214 was as a security guard before finishing up his teaching requirements. Afterwards Rob was a dedicated teacher, coach, and swimmer for the next 30 years. Despite being a competitive swimmer and coach, he wanted to see any and all youth be successful.

He was also a founding member of local water polo teams and served as an official and member of the Water Polo Advisory Committee for the IHSA.

Rob played a large role in providing other schools in the district with pools. Rob Lindgren passed away July 15, 2018 after battling pancreatic cancer. He was a true friend to all, a mentor, and motivator to many young and upcoming athletes in the area.

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Year Honored: 2019

Birth: 1965 – 2018

Born In: Des Plaines, IL

Achievements: Aquatics

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