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Bold NEW Look Coming to Olympic

July 27, 2018 03:00 PM

Districts’ only indoor swim facility evolving into a recreation center come 2020


At the June 28, 2018 meeting, the Park Board of Commissioners voted to proceed with what will be the second major renovation of the Olympic Indoor Swim Center since opening its doors in 1970. This project will evolve the predominantly aquatics heavy facility into that of a multi-faceted, recreation center in direct response to residents’ needs.

Why is the Park District renovating and expanding the Olympic Indoor Swim Center?

A few years back, the Park Board of Commissioners identified the swim center as a facility that had the potential to best benefit the community if it were to be renovated. In September of 2017, the Park District completed a random and statistically valid needs assessment in the community. In response to the survey, residents expressed the need for additional indoor walking space, opportunities for active aging adults, an exercise facility, indoor gym space, and an indoor wellness pool. The Olympic Indoor Swim Center facility was also identified as the Park District center that should receive the most attention in the next three years, validating the Park Board Commissioners initial discussions on the possibility of renovating the facility.

“We all know that fashion comes and goes. Trends keep us on our toes, but they also say something about the social climate we live in. And that doesn't exclude bathing suits. Changing bathing suit styles prove one very important thing when studied through archived photographs: That they're very closely linked to social change”, said Anita M. Pacheco, Superintendent of Marketing and Communications. “The same can be said about the park and recreation industry. While recreational offerings at the Arlington Heights Park District provide social, economic, environmental, and health and wellness benefits, they should also act like a mirror in terms of reflecting the ever-changing unmet needs that exist in our own community, ” Pacheco added.

What improvements are coming and how much will the project cost?

Construction of a new, approximately 53,000 sq.ft., addition to the existing building is scheduled to start in early August once the necessary permits have been obtained, with an anticipated project completion in early 2020. With the addition of the new building, the total square footage of the new recreation center will be approximately 99,000 sq.ft. According to Jason Myers, Director of Finance and Personnel, the Park District Board of Commissioners established a project budget of $16,000,000 for the new construction and a budget of $1,000,000 to address the maintenance needs of the existing facility. The entire project is being financed through a combination of fund balance and the District’s bonding capabilities.

How will patrons be impacted during this project?

Initially the facility will remain open as site work begins on the surrounding grounds and new portions of the facility. Intermittent closures of the facility may need to occur from time to time, but will be communicated in advance of any closure. The facility will close to the public in March of 2019 at the end of the swim team season and remain closed until the grand reopening to accomplish all remaining interior work in the existing and new buildings. Park District staff is working with neighboring agencies and entities to determine what indoor swim services can be offered elsewhere until the facility reopens in early 2020. We will have more information in the Winter 2018 Program Guide about how annual passes will be honored and what options will be available to swimmers. The soccer field and SafetyTown will remain open during site construction. Regular project updates will be posted at:

The following amenities will be available at the completion of the 1-year long project:

  • Two gymnasiums for recreational activities

  • A suspended walking track above the gymnasiums

  • A 3.5’ – 5’ deep, 30’ x 50’ indoor wellness pool

  • New pool locker rooms

  • A 5,000 square foot fitness center with locker rooms

  • A child care room for program users

  • Two 1,100 square foot multi-purpose rooms

  • An enlarged pool party room

  • A new playground

  • An opportunity for outside basketball at the south parking lot

  • Improvements to existing interior lighting and mechanicals

  • Updated site landscaping

  • The number of parking spaces will increase from the 191 presently available to 274 spaces.


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