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Eagle Scouts Projects Benefit Our Parks

May 11, 2017 10:45 AM

On Saturday, May 6th, 15 year old Eagle Scout candidate Eric Duenser came one step closer to his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. Eric, along with friends and family and supported by members of the Arlington Height’s Park District’s Parks and Planning staff, installed 1,000 plants to create the first butterfly garden. 

To gain Eagle Scout status, one has to design a project that can benefit a community. Eric chose an environmentally friendly and sustainable project- a butterfly garden using native plants. The project began in earnest in March with the design of the garden. Parks staff identified an area in the northwest corner of Heritage Park that is partially shaded, near the public walk, easy to manage and has good soil. 

According to Eric, “I wanted my Eagle Scout project to educate younger children in elementary school about the importance of butterflies. I had a butterfly assignment in the first grade while attending Ivy Hill School where we had the chance to raise butterflies and it kind of stuck with me as something really interesting.” 

Over the years, the Arlington Heights Park District has benefited from Eagle Scout projects. Scouts refurbished a gazebo at Lake Arlington, replaced fencing at Frontier Park, painted garbage cans, replaced and sealed park benches, and so much more. Eagle Scouts have been quietly contributing to the Arlington Heights Park District for several years. Parks and Planning Director Rea, congratulated Eric for his dedication to the scout program and his community. “Eric worked hard and is deserving of the achievement at such a young age. He delivered what he set out to accomplish and we are excited to watch the butterfly garden grow; the first of several that we’ll be implementing across the District.” 

Eric stated, “I’d like to thank my mom, Valerie, because she’s been a huge support to me, and I’d like to thank my Scout Master Mr. Kaiser for inspiring me through scout adventures. Working with Park District has been very easy because they have a team of staff that I was able to call and work with on the butterfly garden project.” 

Learn more about the District’s butterfly garden efforts at Do you have an idea for an Eagle Scout project or other volunteer ideas for the park district? Look for the park district’s “Volunteer Saturday” opportunities coming soon. Email:

Mission: The Arlington Heights Park District enriches the community by providing quality recreation, facilities and fun. 

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