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Currently, only accepting In-Person Applications at the following locations:

  • Administration Center: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm

  • Arlington Ridge Center: Monday-Friday: 5:30am-10pm; Saturday & Sunday: 6am-9pm

  • Camelot Community Center: Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm; Saturday, 9am - 12pm

  • Pioneer Community Center: Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm; Saturday, 9am - 12pm

  • Frontier Community Center: Monday-Friday, 1pm - 5pm

10% off Regular Rate
FAMILY Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $300 $27 -- --
FITpass $684 $59 -- --
PLUSpass $852 $73 -- --
COUPLE Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $216 $20 $192 $18
FITpass $588 $50 $528 $46
PLUSpass $732 $63 $660 $57
INDIVIDUAL Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $180 $17 $168 $16
FITpass $312 $28 $276 $25
PLUSpass $468 $41 $420 $37


10% off Regular Rate
FAMILY Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $450 $40 -- --
FITpass $889 $76 -- --
PLUSpass $1,110 $95 -- --
COUPLE Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $324 $29 $291 $26
FITpass $764 $66 $687 $59
PLUSpass $950 $81 $855 $73
INDIVIDUAL Annual Monthly Annual Monthly
SPLASHpass $270 $25 $243 $22
FITpass $468 $41 $421 $37
PLUSpass $702 $61 $631 $55
“Family” includes two individuals over the age of 18 and children under 18 living at the same address.
“Couple” includes two individuals living at the same address.
*Senior rate applies to ages 65+.
Daily fees available. 

»Childcare is included with SplashPass, FitPass and PlusPass.


Arlington Ridge Center (ARC) Questions

Questions & Answers

Where is the Arlington Ridge Center located?

The ARC is the new facility being built at the site of what was formerly Olympic Indoor Swim Center at 660 N Ridge Ave, Arlington Heights, 60004.  It is located just east of the intersection of Northwest Highway and Euclid Ave. 

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What is the fitness class schedule?

The fitness class schedule will be available by mid-November and will include classes that we currently offer and new classes.  ‚Äč Your FitPass and PlusPass will grant access to land based classes at ARC, Camelot, Pioneer, and Recreation.  There are specialized land based classes that do require registration.  Those classes are not included with the FitPass and PlusPass and are listed in our seasonal program guide.


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Can you explain how pickle ball admissions will work?

Drop in pickle ball will be available at set times on some days and evenings.  Drop in pickle ball at ARC and Pioneer is included as a value in your SplashPass, FitPass, or PlusPass.  You can also pay the daily drop fee of $3 for a resident or $5 for a non-resident.  Drop in pickle ball is not included in the $24 per year track/gym pass.  Leagues and instruction classes will be available for an additional fee.

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I'm curious about childcare. What can you tell me about the service, staff, and hours?

Child care is available for 4 weeks to 11 year olds. Childcare is included as an added value to your membership. If you are not a member, you can pay a daily fee of $3 per hour. Parent/guardian must remain on-site. 2 hours max.

Hours are:

Monday – Thursday        9am-1pm & 5:00-8:00pm

Friday                              9am-1pm

Saturday                          8am-12:30pm

Childcare staff will be college age staff or older.  Staff will be CPR certified.  There will be a minimum of two staff in the room at a time.  The service is designed to allow for a parent to get in a workout and allow from their child to be in a safe comfortable space with opportunities to watch TV, play games, make crafts, and socialize with other children.  Drop off and pick up is very fluid and staff need to be present in the room to control the in and out of children.  Children will not go outside or into the gym.  The room has an electronic lock on the door that can be released from the main desk which is across the lobby or from inside the room.  There is a small drop off pick up area that is separated from the childcare room by a half door that is locked.  Staff will open and close the half door to allow for children to come in and leave.  There will be check in and check out procedures.  Staff will not change diapers.  If that is needed, one of the staff will find the parent and ask them to come back to room to change their child.

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Can I freeze my membership?

You will be able to freeze your membership for up to 3 months in a 12-month period.  You will need to complete a form and turn it in the guest services desk at ARC.  Memberships are frozen beginning on the first of a month to the last of the month.  Monthly EFTs will be suspended during that time.  Annual memberships will have the expiration extended based on the length of the freeze.  You must request your membership freeze by 10 days prior to desired start date of the freeze.

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Who applies for the Senior Rate?

Individuals and Couples 65 and older.  The Senior Rate is not available for the Family Pass options.

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What are my membership payment options?

For an Annual SplashPass, FitPass, or PlusPass you can pay in full or choose the monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) option. Membership rates can be found online at

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Can I cancel my membership?

Yes.  The membership is an annual commitment.  A refund will be granted to any pass holder if requested within 30 days of the initial purchase.  The first month of the pass will be deducted from the refund.  A refund beyond 30 days will be granted to any pass holder with a written medical excuse and will be prorated from the date of the request.  

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Are there daily fees?

Yes, there are daily fees.

Fitness Center

$10.00/ $15.00

Group Fitness Class


Water Exercise Class


Open Gym – youth


Open Gym – adult


Open Swim




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Will there still be a summer SplashPass?

Summer SplashPass will still be available for use Memorial Day to Labor Day. Summer SplashPass will allow you to use ARC pools, as well as the Park District’s outdoor pools.

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Is the track and open gym free?

There is a track/gym membership available for residents starting at $24 for a year for an individual, $36 for a couple, and $48 for a family. Your SplashPass, FitPass, or PlusPass membership includes track and open gym use at ARC. Daily fee is also available.

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What are the hours of the ARC?

Monday – Friday: 5:30am to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 6am to 9pm

Closed on major Holidays: Easter, 4th of July, Christmas.

Modified facility hours on: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

We do anticipate annual maintenance closures for pools and gym floors.

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If a resident purchases a splash pass, will there be an additional fee for the water exercise classes?

No. Water exercise classes are included in the price of the SplashPass.

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Will an annual PLUS Pass, that is paid for in August 2019, start in January 2020 (when ARC opens) and go for 12 months from January?

Yes, if the effective date is January 1, 2020 the annual pass will expire December 31, 2020.

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Can you access the Forest View facility with an ARC Membership?

No, these pass options only apply to ARC and land exercise classes at Camelot, Pioneer, and Recreation.

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Will there be any open pickleball options in the evening? Is the pickleball court separate from the basketball court or is it a shared space that gets converted?

Yes, we are planning on evening pickle ball and hopefully leagues if there is an interest.  It is shared space in the gym.  We have lines for basketball, volleyball, and pickle ball.

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If I am only able to use the walking track and none of the other Fitness Center amenities is there an annual pass I could purchase just for that?

Yes.  For an individual resident it is $24 a year.

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We are going to get the family pass that includes all, but before we see below. Does that mean we would pay for open gym with full membership?Are their daily fees?

A family PlusPass includes all the SplashPass and FitPlus amenities which includes open gym and track.  Open gym would include drop in pickle ball.

However, without this pass yes, there are daily fees for open gym, pickleball, swimming, fitness, and track.

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Does the FITpass include all of the adult fitness classes currently included in the Gold PlayPass membership? The FITpass seems like a cheaper option ($23/mo vs $35/mo) but I want to ensure all of my current classes will be included.Thank you.

Yes.  We are happy to offer this great value to our residents.


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What ages can use the ARC? For example, I know my 3 and 5 year old can use the facilities covered by a SplashPass, but I don't know whether they could use the FitPass amenities, and whether our family could/would use a PLUSPass or not.

Ridge Fitness Center will be open to those 14 and over and will be available for those 11 to 13 year olds who are supervisor by a parent/guardian and also have taken an orientation session with a parent/guardian.  Children under 10 and under will have access to open gym with Plus, Fit, or SpalshPasses and will have access to swimming with Plus or SplashPass options.    


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What times will the lap pool be open for adult lap swimming? or will there be lanes open at all times for lap swimming?

We can say with confidence that there will be more lap swimming times open for members than what we had in the past.  There will be times it is not available due to programming, swim teams, exercise classes, and events.

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Will there be an open house to look at the facility?

We are working on developing the opening event plan.  We will have that information to share in November.  The discount is available until 30 days after we open, so you will have the opportunity to check it out before your buy if you miss any of the opening events.

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My daughter is 18 and will be away at college 32 weeks/year. I want a family membership, but it looks like we could not have three >18 family members. Would you consider including >18 with student ID in family membership or adding a college rate?

Yes.  That is an override we can do at our desk with proof of college enrollment.  A valid college ID is perfect.

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Will there be showers & an area for you to get ready after a workout, correct? Thanks!

Yes.  We have showers.  There are locker rooms on the first floor for the pool for families, women, and men.  There are also are locker rooms on the second floor by the fitness center for women and men.  We will not have a towel service.

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How many laps to a mile on the track?

One mile equals 10.5 laps around the track.  The track is 10 feet wide, will feature two lanes, and is suspended around the double gym.

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The $24 pass to use the track and gym says that is the resident price. Is there a non resident price for individual, couple and family for that membership? Thanks.

No.  The track and gym pass is only for residents.  Non residents can pay the daily non-resident fee or purchase the ARC membership that best fits their need.  Daily fees for non-residents are $5 for the track, $8 for adult open gym, and $5 for youth open gym.

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I currently have an individual gold membership. Will my membership automatically enroll into the individual Fitpass at the new reduced rate for two years?Thanks

Please contact staff in December 2019 and staff will transfer your existing Gold Pass to a new ARC pass.  It will not automatically roll over to a new ARC membership.

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Will there be a steam room, sauna, and/or a hot tub at the ARC?

There is a sauna on the pool deck, accessible with a SplashPass or PlusPass.  There is NO steam room or hot tub.

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Will you offer group fitness classes in the evenings and on weekends in the morning?

Yes, we sure will.  A complete schedule of fitness classes will be available by the time the winter program guide is delivered in mid-November.  We are really excited for new classes and new opportunities.

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Will there be televisions options in the cardio room?

Yes, we will have several large screens mounted on the walls and several pieces of equipment will have smart screens built in such as treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals.  We will have channels provided by Direct TV.

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