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Olympic Indoor Swim Center Renovation Being Planned

September 20, 2017 01:30 PM
Olympic Indoor Swim Center

Is 50 Too Young for a Facelift?

Districts’ indoor swim facility scheduled to reveal a bold new look in 2019

20 years ago, this question would not have come up. It would have been considered pre-mature for a 30-year old recreation facility to consider a facelift.  But as the Olympic Indoor Swim Center (Olympic) nears its 50th birthday, a facelift is exactly what’s needed, according to the Park Board of Commissioners, as they voted unanimously to do so at the September 19th regular board meeting.

Today, Park District officials announced that it will begin negotiations to formalize contracts with FGM Architects and Corporate Construction to be approved by the Board of Commissioners in October, and to begin work immediately based on the proposed timeline.  The District would fund the project with a maximum of $4 million from its reserves and a debt issuance of $12 million in 2017-2018.

Olympic is our only indoor swim facility and it has been a District priority for several years”, said Park Board President Maryfran Leno.

The Park District acquired the 1-acre parcel of land from School District 214 in 1968.  The newly constructed Olympic Indoor Swim Center opened in 1970 in a unique partnership with the school district in that both shared the operating costs and use of the pool time.  The District acquired the remaining 8.9-acres in 1986, and continued to develop the site over the years.  In 2004, the indoor pool facility underwent a $5 million expansion which included the addition of an activity pool,  family changing rooms, upgraded HVAC, electrical and filtration systems, expanded locker rooms and increased ADA accessibility with the addition of an elevator.

Today, Olympic is a centrally located hub for all things aquatics; offering everything from swim lessons, to competitive programs for youth, and water exercise programs and more for all ages.   The facility is also used for staff training programs by the Parks and Recreation Departments and used by organizations around town for meetings and events.  The plan could potentially increase the footprint of the existing building by an estimated 32,000 sq. feet.

The scope of the plan includes:
Gymnasium Addition Multi-Purpose Room Addition Fitness Addition
Warm Water Pool Addition Existing Building Upgrades Indoor Walking Track
It is important to the Park District to continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment where our youth, seniors and our community of all ages can gather to engage in healthy activities and wellness programs,” said Executive Director Rick Hanetho.   “I am proud that our Board has committed funds to renovate the center, especially because our residents have been asking for a more centrally located fitness type facility, for more indoor walking options, and because it will give us more programmable space to offer additional programs to our patrons.  Olympic Indoor Swim Center is within a 1-mile radius to over 45% of our residents.  By investing in our residents, especially our youth and active adults, we will continue to strengthen our neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for all who live here in Arlington Heights,” ended Hanetho.

We know how important such facilities are in helping serve the daily needs of local residents,” added Hanetho, “which is why we will work hard to minimize the inconvenience this renovation may bring to our patrons.  If all goes according to plan, work should begin in the Spring of 2018, and we hope to have it completed by Fall 2019.

Regular project updates will be posted at so our neighbors and our residents can track the progress being made at their neighborhood park.

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