Outdoor Tennis Guidelines

The outdoor tennis and pickleball courts are open spring through fall. The courts are CLOSED during winter. The nets are left up year round however regular maintenance of the outdoor courts is April through mid-November- weather permitting. Where available, outdoor lighting will be available April through mid-November as well. Please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Tennis/pickle ball courts are open.

  • Maximum of four people on any court at any given time

  • Refrain from handling the nets or other court apparatus

  • Mark your tennis/pickle balls with a unique identifier and handle only your ball when serving

  • Only return your opponents ball with your racket

  • When waiting for a court, please wait outside the court .

  • Recognize that others may be waiting for an opportunity to play and limit your matches to three or less

  • No other activities or gatherings are permitted within the fenced tennis/pickle ball court enclosures

  • The park district reserves the right to close the tennis/pickle ball courts at any time


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