Outdoor Court Permits

Resident Outdoor Summer Court Permit Information

Reserve court time at one of our outdoor tennis or pickleball court sites for the same day at the same time each week for the entire summer. Additional questions can be directed to pickleball@ahpd.org.

Information and Policies

  • Summer season – 13 weeks (June 1-August 31)
  • Extended Summer Season- 17 weeks (June 1 - September 30)
  • You must be a resident of Arlington Heights to apply for a Summer Court Permit
  • Permit fees were approved at the annual fee meeting.

Summer Court Permit Lottery Rules and Regulations

  1. Summer Court Permit applications for those wishing to be in the lottery are due by April 30.

  2. The 2024 Summer Court Permit Lottery applicants will be notified by May 6 of their court location via email. 

  3. The Court Permit Lottery is open to all residents of Arlington Heights. Only one applicant per group.

  4. The Arlington Heights Park District’s lesson program has first priority in reserving court time.

  5. Applicants select a first, second & third choice for location, day, time made available for a Court Permit from AHPD sites.

  6. The last court may not be reserved, except where Park District programming increases a reservation to accommodate wait list registrations.

  7. Summer Court Permits are restricted to a maximum of two courts for a maximum of two hours.

  8. The court permit applications are available viewing for pickleball and for tennis. Registration opens April 1 and you can click here to see how to create an account, if you do not have one already.
  9. Court Permit Applications for the summer will be honored in the following order/priority:
  • If more than 1 application is for the same day/time, a drawing will decide which application is awarded 1st choice.
  • The next application drawn will be awarded the 2nd choice listed and so on.

  1. Applications received after the drawing will be accepted and assigned their selection of court time from those available on a first-come, first served basis.

  2. All Court Permit applications will be obligated for the total cost of the outdoor season, June 1 to August 31.

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