Weed Control

In our continuing efforts to provide quality parks for our residents, the Arlington Heights Park District has begun implementing its annual spring broadleaf weed control program. The Parks and Planning Department has begun posting various park locations for treatment of broadleaf weeds. According to our Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) these park sites have been selected based on continuing inspections of weed populations. Once a park site has exceeded the designated weed population threshold, it will be scheduled for treatment. All Park District staff involved in the application process has completed training by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and is licensed by the state. Parks will be posted at established entrances 24 hours prior to treatment and may remain posted for 3-4 days. This allows for various weather conditions which may not be favorable for treatment to begin or be completed. After treatment, park site areas are again posted; informing residents of the date, time, and products used. They will remain posted for 24 hours after treatment. Treated areas can be accessed when turf grass has dried, and no athletic fields scheduled for use will be treated.

Sunset Meadows

April 24-28 2017


Additionally, high use sports fields are fertilized by an outside contractor 3 times a season.  This is a granular product and contains no weed control.  The 2017 scheduled dates are:

  • June 13th with a rain date of June 15th
  • August 15th with a rain date of August 17th
  • November 7th with a rain date of November 9th

The Arlington Heights Park District will make every effort to avoid treating several parks within the same neighborhood, and encourages residents to make use of your other parks in the area.

Please refer to this web page often to stay informed as to which park sites are scheduled for treatment.

The Arlington Heights Park District appreciates your patience during these operations. Any questions should be directed to the Parks Service Center at 847-577-3018.

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