Pop-Up Private Swim Lessons


POP-UP Private Swim Lessons - An à la carte experience

  • Designed so you can pick a specific teacher to make your child feel comfortable- either a boy or girl teacher. Or maybe you have a favorite teacher. (An amenity not possible with group swim lessons).

  • Perfect for the young child who does not like a group environment for swim lessons

  • 30-minute swim lesson with private one-on-one attention. Accomplish a lot without the distraction of other kids in a group.

  • Tell your instructor what you want to work on - or if you’re not sure, we will come up with a plan together. Some people sign their kids up with one goal in mind such as: eliminating fear water, going off diving board for the first time, afraid of water, or swim team strokes/skills/endurance/breathing tips.

  • Great compliment to Muskies or Otters!



Cullen is one of our Muskies and Otters coaches and you may have seen him here teaching Sunday Junior Swim School and Swim School.

Hi, my name is Cullen! I specialize in older swimmers with prior experience. I also work with swim team kids who want tips for strokes, flips, starts, and endurance. I also teach adults.

Click on one or more of the below days/times to sign up with Cullen

Sunday, 3/3 – 11:30am

Sunday, 3/3 – 12:10pm

Thursday, 3/14 – 5:45pm

Thursday, 3/14 – 6:25pm

Sunday, 3/17 – 11:30am

Sunday, 3/17 – 12:10pm

Thursday, 3/21 – 5:45pm

Thursday, 3/21 – 6:25pm



Pop-up Private Swim Lesson with Margaret! Margaret has won her age group multiple times at the Chicago Triathlon and is a qualifier for Age Group Nationals!

In this class you may work on: being more efficient with breathing, endurance tips, learning a new stroke, or maybe you want to compete in a Triathlon but you're not confident with the swimming leg of the race, or perhaps you need help with the open water swim portion of the triathlon that you can practice in the pool.

Margaret coached age group swimmers for 17 years and is also great with the beginner swimmer, working on comfort in the water and beginning swim strokes.


Click on one or more of the below days/times to sign up with Margaret

All Wednesdays evenings:

2/21 – 5:15pm

2/21 – 5:55pm

2/28 – 5:15pm

2/28 – 5:55pm

3/6 – 5:15pm

3/6 – 5:55pm

3/13 – 5:15pm

3/13 – 5:55pm

3/27 – 5:15pm

3/27 – 5:55pm


Keep checking back if you don't find a time that works for you. We load more classes each week as we review our instructors' personal availability.