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Park Foundation FAQ

Park Foundation FAQ

Does the Foundation have a mission statement?

Yes, it reads: The Arlington Heights Park Foundation’s goal is to stimulate and further interest in parks and recreation. The Foundation encourages volunteerism and outside resources that will enable enhancement to the Arlington Heights Park District programs while improving the quality of life for those who utilize its parkland, facilities, and services.

What is the purpose of the Foundation?

The Foundation will engage in activities designed to improve the park and recreation services, and facilities of the Arlington Heights Park District. The Foundation operates to:

  • Stimulate and further public interest in parks and recreation, and in the preservation of park and recreational facilities.
  • Educate citizens about the values of quality parks and recreation/conservation services.
  • Disseminate information concerning activities and interests.
  • Maintain active working relationship with the Arlington Heights Park District and to cooperate with other organizations.
  • Organize, promote and coordinate volunteer activities to enhance Arlington Heights Park District programs.
What causes does the Foundation support?
  • Defibrillators at Facilities
  • Youth Outreach Programs
  • Lightning Detection in Parks
  • Special Events & Programs
  • Memorial Park Improvements
  • Emerald Ash Borer Tree Replacement
  • Prairie Park Drinking Fountain
  • Lake Arlington Pontoon Boat
  • Lake Arlington Gator Utility Vehicle
  • Aqua Scramble Activity
  • Flag Brochure
  • Mile Markers in Parks
What are some of the fundraising mechanisms of the Foundation?

In addition to public donations, an annual Golf Classic benefiting the Arlington Heights Park Foundation is held in October each year. The Drive to Revive Memorial Park is another initiative that garners public support in honoring our active duty and veteran service members.

The Park District already receives tax dollars, why is more money needed?

Land acquisition, park and playground equipment cannot always be funded through tax dollars. Individuals and families of the Arlington Heights Park District view open space as part of the quality of life in their neighborhoods, and by adding more green space, park trees, play and leisure equipment, and other amenities, more residents are able to enjoy our parks.

Does the Foundation take suggestions as to how funds will be dispersed?

The Foundation welcomes suggestions from citizens who are interested in making the Park District the best it can be. The Foundation board of directors will approve grants on a need basis provided funds are available.

Will the Foundation consider issuing grants to outside not-for-profit organizations?

No, the Foundation’s policy is to provide enhancements to Arlington Heights Park District programs only.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers are important to the success of any not-for-profit organization. Our Board of Directors volunteer their time for our parks. Occasionally, we will reach out to volunteers by placing a notice online. You can call 847-506-7141 for more information.

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