Basketball 3v3 Tournament

Registration for the March 16th 3v3 tournament is now closed.

One player registers the entire team of up to five players for the AHPD 3v3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, March 16, 2019!

Teams will be placed in the age group of the oldest player on the team. Co-ed teams play in the boys' divisions. Divisions may be combined by age or gender, depending on the number of registrants

No adult coaching (one adult may sit on the team bench to assist with substitution). Games are played with a running clock, and games end when one team scores 15 points with a 2 point lead or at 15 minutes, whichever comes first. All teams are guaranteed two games with awards for first and second place teams in each bracket.

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Bracket structure is determined by the number of teams registered

Level Fee Code
Girls - 1st / 2nd grade $70 / team 20503
Boys - 1st / 2nd grade $70 / team 20502
Girls - 3rd grade $70 / team 20505
Boys - 3rd grade $70 / team 20504
Girls - 4th grade $70 / team 20507
Boys 4th grade $70 / team 20506
Girls - 5th / 6th grade $70 / team 20501
Boys - 5th / 6th grade $70 / team 20500

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