pickle ball

Looking for a sport that is fun and social? Pickleball is one of America's fastest growing sports! While easy to learn, pickleball can be a fast-paced and competitive game for more experienced players.

Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court with paddles and low nets. It's simple rules combine elements of whiffle ball, tennis and table tennis, may be played as singles or doubles, and can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.


Indoor Pickleball - Open Play

  • You will need to bring your own paddle to play, indoor locations will have pickleballs for you to use. 
  • Courts are shared with everyone in attendance, there are no indoor court reservations during these Pickleball Open Play times.
  • Included in Plus, Fit, Splash, and PicklePass Membership
  • Courts available at ARC
  • Non-members pay a daily fee
    • ARC - $5 Res / $10 Non-Resident
    • Pioneer - $5 Resident / $7 Non-Resident

Adult Pickleball Classes


  • Beginner Level - This class is for those who have never played Pickleball before or who have very limited experience with the sport. Class will focus on Pickleball basics such as dinks, forehand and backhand shots, serving, and court positioning. Players will also learn scoring and the rules of the game through drills and playing time. The slower pace of this class will give players the opportunity to develop the skills needed to play this fun and energetic game. All equipment will be provided. 


  • Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate Level - This class is for those who have several months of experience with the sport, know the rules of the game and are looking to advance their skills.  In this class we will discuss court communication, soft game and the power game, and different strategies for different situations. More emphasis will be placed on drills and game situations in this class. At this level most players have their own paddles, but it not, equipment will be provided. 


Pickleball Open Play Schedules


Arlington Ridge Center (ARC)

Non-Member Fees: $5 Resident / $10 Non-Resident

Tuesdays |  up to 6 courts | 11:00am-2:00pm

Thursdays | up to 6 courts | 11:00am-2:00pm

Fridays | up to 6 courts | 11:00am-2:00pm 

Fridays | 2 courts | 5-8pm 

Pioneer Park

No Pickleball on Wednesday, March 27

Wednesdays |  2 courts | 10:00am-12:00pm


Fall / Winter Seasons

  • PicklePass a 6 month pass is offered in the fall/winter seasons; November through April
  • PicklePass fees: $120 Resident / $180 Non-Resident
  • Price will prorate according to purchase date
  • PicklePass cannot be frozen for any amount of time
  • PicklePass allows entry to Pickleball Open Play times at ARC and Pioneer Park
  • PicklePass can be used for Indoor Track use at ARC during scheduled  Pickleball Open Play times
  • Holidays and School days off may affect schedules


  • Players are required to observe Pickleball courtesies, as well as rules of good conduct on and around the courts.
  • Pickleball Courts are open from 8AM to 11PM, unless otherwise posted or authorized by the Arlington Heights Park District.
  • Play on all courts begins and ends on the hour.
  • When others are waiting, players may not play two consecutive hours.
  • See below for all Pickleball Court Rules

Outdoor Pickleball courts are available at the following parks:

1231 S. Belmont Ave.
2 courts
Schaeffer and Nichols Rd
2 courts
1490 E. Roanoke
1 court
1337 N. Belmont Ave.
4 courts
825 E. Rockwell St.
6 courts
311 N. Kennicott Ave.
6 courts

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