pickle ball

Are you an active adult who would like to play a sport that provides a great workout that isn’t so strenuous? Come and give Pickleball lessons a try!

Pickleball is a sport that combines tennis and table tennis, but only uses a court that is half the size of a tennis court. Using a paddle, low net and wiffle ball, this unique sport has become one of the fastest growing sports for seniors!

Outdoor Pickleball courts are available at the following parks:
1231 S. Belmont Ave.
2 courts
Schaeffer and Nichols Rd
2 courts
1490 E. Roanoke
1 court
1337 N. Belmont Ave.
4 courts
825 E. Rockwell St.
6 courts
311 N. Kennicott Ave.
6 courts. This site is ONLY pickleball- no tennis courts

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