Vibe Dance Company


Cultural Arts Supervisor, Kyle Donahue
Cultural Arts Coordinator, Amy Braheny

Vibe Dance Company

Company Goal: Vibe Dance Company is for dancers who have a passion to learn, to dance well and to work hard.  Students prepare for competitions during their company classes, develop their skills in technique classes, and learn the foundation of all dance in their ballet class.  This 12 month commitment from offers a competition dance team experience that places importance on commitment, encouragement, technique, and having fun.  There is a specific emphasis on ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance styles.  Auditions take place annually.

Vibe I
Vibe I

Audition Results: Company lists are posted above.

Audition Evaluations: Dancers are evaluated on and placed by execution of skill, performance quality, and attitude.  Instructors will include past knowledge and experience of dancers in the evaluation process; you are always auditioning.

Vibe Season: This year’s Vibe season will run Aug. 24, 2020 – July 13, 2021.  Rehearsals are scheduled to begin in-person with face coverings.  If needed, Vibe rehearsals will move to be held virtually during the season.

Questions: Kyle Donahue, Cultural Arts Supervisor: 847.506.7872


Precision 2020

Masquerade 2020 

Power of Dance 2019

Hall of Fame 2019

Bravo 2019


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